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Unusual Cherry Blossom in Winter or Winter Cherry in bloom???

Hi how are you?   Today’s topic is “Sakura”(cherry) which is one of the national flower of Japan, along with another national flower of “Kiku”(chrysanthemum).

Speaking of Cherry, however, Cherry blossom in spring in Japan is well known almost all over the world today.

Cherry Blossom in winter?

We are now in winter, but cherry blossoms are in bloom at some place in Iida city of Nagano prefecture where it’s situated in the central part of Japan.

I’ve thought naturally this is something to do with unusual global weather affected by earth warming.

But what I imagined is actually not right, you’ll see watching the following video,

The cherry trees in full bloom in Chihaya, Iida City, Nagano-prefecture are “Shikizakura” that is four seasons cherry blossoms which bloom twice a year, once in spring and once in winter.
About 1,000 trees were planted by volunteer residents, and tourists from outside of the prefecture stop by to admire them.

 ”I was impressed by the blue sky, the beautiful cherry blossoms, and the mountains” admiring a tourist from Kyoto.
 ”I didn’t think I would be able to see them at this time of year, so it’s wonderful. The scenery is great and the weather is beautiful” from Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture.

Today in the prefecture, the temperature rose with the warm sunshine.

What’s “Winter Cherry” ?

Winter Cherry has other names such as “Shiki sakura” (four seasns cherry), “Fuyu sakura” (winter cherry), “Oso sakura” (late cherry), and Shiki sakura is the original name.

The shiki sakura has multiple clones, each with different genetic information, and each clone has different characteristics, even if they are the same cultivar.

This is thought to be due to the fact that, in addition to grafting and cuttings, the clones were propagated from seeds crossed with other individuals and later recognized as a single cultivar instead of being distinguished as separate cultivars due to the similarity of their individual forms.

So please enjoy two places of Winter Cherry, one is in Iida city, Nagano prefecture.

And another is Toyoda city, Aichi prefecture. All of photos taken at the end of November, 2022.

Both location showed the name of place in red as follows,

Permit me to say my personal thing that I’m from the city of Iida, so I go back to my home town sometimes.

Here’s a picture of the cherry full bloom taken in Spring some time ago, that’s where is very close to the place of the Winter Cherry in Iida-city.

When the persimmon turns red, the doctor turns blue

There is a saying, “When a persimmon turns red, the doctor turns blue.”

That sounds familiar with “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” in USA.

There is a difference between persimmons and apples, but they both have in common that if you eat the vitamin-rich fruit, you will not get sick.

As to the persimmons, we recommend dried persimmons as an autumn specialty of the Iida region.

To make them, peel persimmons, hang them, and let them soak up the autumn sun.

You can’t beat it when it comes to the natural deliciousness, not artificial one.

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Recommended Dried Persimmons

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