Innovating Tomorrow: The Rise of HICity at Haneda” Where Dreams Take Flight Beyond the Runway”

Hi how are you? Haneda Innovation City, which realizes the dreams and hopes of future human society, has emerged on the site of Haneda International Airport, the gateway to the sky of Japan. This is today’s topic.

Located adjacent to Haneda Airport, the Haneda Innovation City, abbreviated as HICity, officially opened its debut ceremony from November 16th to November 19th, 2023.

Let us first look at the synopsis of HICity.

Let’s look at it in a little more detail.

The Haneda Innovation City is a large-scale complex facility located on the site of Haneda Airport. A completely new city is emerging on the site, which is expected to further internationalize Haneda Airport.

The goal is to create a landscape design suitable for Japan’s gateway, not only in terms of entrance design but also considering perspectives such as roads and parks to generate a beautiful and attractive landscape from every angle.

The integration of cutting-edge industries and cultural industries will lead to the convergence of various people, things, and events, creating new possibilities through the fusion of two core industries.

An innovation corridor has been created to leverage the facility, connecting various external spaces for information acquisition, collaboration, and generating vibrancy.

Along this corridor,
A pedestrian-only deck connecting various facilities

There are facilities such as;
(No.1) Fujita Medical University Tokyo Advanced Medical Research Center: ZONE A (B1-4F)

serving as a base for next-generation medical research and innovation

(No.2) an area for attracting companies, (No.3) spaces for utilizing district policies and research and development labs, (No.4) a conference and training center

on ZONE C 3F, this is a research and development base by Japan Airport Building, focusing on resolving airport challenges through cross-industry collaboration

★Forum (Outdoor Plaza): A space for various events like markets

★HICity Square Cafe & Bar: A social space for gathering

And (No.5) a mobility center for developing and demonstrating autonomous driving technology, (below) Trials of autonomous buses and self-driving robots have begun, aiming for unmanned on-road operation in the future
“MICa” in running

(No.6)Zepp Haneda (TOKYO): an event hall with a capacity of approximately 3,000 people,
A live hall on ZONE H 1-2F with a capacity of around 3,000 people (standing)

(No.7) a facility for promoting food culture and exploring the roots of Japanese food culture, AI_SCAPE is not only about robots; the restaurant offers a unique dining experience with dishes curated by food artist Makiho Sonoyama, using carefully selected ingredients from various regions. The menu includes three types of dishes, providing a blend of delicious cuisine and the novelty of interacting with robots

AI_SCAPE Kitchen: A robotic kitchen where robots take orders via QR codes and prepare and serve dishes
Nyokkey, a food delivery robot that carries food

(and Others) a hydrogen station operating hydrogen fuel circulating buses, and various other functionalities.

★ZONE E Rooftop: Featuring a foot bath sky deck with views of Haneda Airport and departing/arriving planes,

★Accommodations: there are two hotels; Hotel Metropolitan Haneda & Keikyu EX inn Hotelas follows,



★Terminal.0 HANEDA: Scheduled to open in January 2024 on ZONE C 3F, this is a research and development base by Japan Airport Building, focusing on resolving airport challenges through cross-industry collaboration。

★Spot (Boston Dynamics): A four-legged walking robot, Spot, is being experimented with for introduction to construction sites by various construction companies.

★Floor Guide;



Haneda Innovation City is Japan’s first smart airport city that induces interactions beyond the boundaries of “cutting-edge” and “culture,” aiming to realize new value creation.

As an open “town” accessible to everyone, it aims to gather people, things, and information from around the world flatly, fostering exchanges that lead to becoming a base for new business and innovation.

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