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The Japanese Sparkling Sake; “Mio”

Sparkling Sake loved by people
in more than 40 countries
around the world

Hi how are you? I’d like to introduce you the Japanese palatable Sparkling Sake today.

“Bringing the pleasant taste of Sake to more people…”
MIO is a low-alcohol sparkling Sake created with this thought in mind.
MIO is characterized by a fruity and gentle sweetness derived from rice,
and has been loved in Japan and around the world since its launch.

The Sparkling Sake has been produced by Takara Shuzo(Shochu distilling as well as Sake brewer).

what is Takara Shuzo, a sake manufacturer with over 100 years of history that makes Mio?

Let’s uncover the secrets behind the 100-year love for Shochu and Sake maker.

Takara Shuzo originated from the Shikata family, which started the production and sale of sake in Fushimi, Kyoto, in 1842.

In 1897, they introduced “Mirin” (with roles in cooking such as removing odor, imparting a rich taste, adding a mellow sweetness, giving glossiness, and infusing flavor) and in 1912, they released the new-style shochu in the Kanto region.

During the Kanto Great Earthquake of 1923, they quickly visited the affected areas, establishing special contract stores.

In 1924, they established the Kozaki Factory in Gunma Prefecture, initiating production in the Kanto region.

In 1925, Takara shuzo Co., Ltd. was founded, dedicating itself to the development of high-quality shochu and establishing barrel storage aging and blending techniques.

Currently, Takara shuzo is under the umbrella of Houshu Holdings Co., Ltd., manufacturing and selling various alcoholic beverages, including shochu, sake, fruit wine, and liqueurs.

In June 2011, Takara shuzo Co., Ltd. released the sparkling sake ‘Mio’ with an alcohol content of 5%, priced at 475 yen (excluding consumption tax) for a 300ml bottle.

In the following year of 2022, they released the ‘Mio’ sparkling sake 750ml at 1,187 yen.

The ‘Mio’ sparkling sake offers a balanced acidity, a slightly sweet taste, and refreshing bubbles.

The stylish original bottle is first adopted for the 300ml size, making it easy for customers unfamiliar with sake to try it.

In recent years, with the diversification and reduction of alcohol content in alcoholic beverages, the consumption of sake has decreased.

However, the popularity of sparkling sake has been increasing, drawing attention as a presence that conveys the new charm of sake.

According to a survey conducted by Takara shuzo targeting sparkling sake users, it was observed that people in their 20s and 30s, both men and women, are the main consumers.

There is a trend of enjoying small to medium-sized products in a chuhai-like manner.

Furthermore, it was found that there is a demand for low-alcohol and easy-to-drink taste.

In response to these needs, Takara shuzo has realized a sake quality that is low-alcohol, easy to drink, and has a slightly sweet taste through innovative manufacturing methods.

Additionally, the use of the Italian word ‘MIO,’ meaning ‘mine,’ aims to encourage even those unfamiliar with sake to enjoy it as ‘my drink.

Now let’s see the video that Mao, a former world-famous figure skater and a lover of sake, will be reporting on Japanese sparkling sake “MIO” as follows,

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