Top 10 Safest Cities In The World 2019

Hi how are you? Today’s subject is about the “safest citiies” of ten in the world in the middle of heinous incidents that have been increasing year by year as world stability politically, socially as well has changed to worse.

What’s the safest citiies?

Security is a world concern which determines sections that most people stay. Safe areas, towns or regions refers to those places free of cybercrimes, the violence of all nature and terrorism. They should also be places with proper health and infrastructural facilities.

I’m very happy to inform web-visitors as well as prospective Tokyo-visitors of No.1 safest metropolitan Tokyo among top 10 cities 2019 in the world selected by the Trip Go Wild.

No.1 Tokyo, Japan

The best description matching Tokyo the capital city of Japan is a highly developed city, centered with excellent knowledge of technologies of different forms.

The residents have for a long time been the mastermind of so many electronic gadgets used across the entire world.

We can say that all these successes are due to the availability of good learning facilities, proper healthcare facilities, enough food, very minimal crimes alongside good corporation among the citizens.

Tokyo appears in the very top list of cities with the most developed infrastructure.

They use all means of transportation including; train, air, and roads, well established such that it connects residents to health, learning, and office among many other facilities.

Other biggest reason is, I believe that with the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics next year, the government has been emphasizing on security measures.

And for your reference, I’d like to report the other 9 cities as follows,

No.2  Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is another capital city with most high levels of food, health, and infrastructural facilities.

Characterized by natural features like the river Limmat, and old buildings of the 17th century the ancient city has a powerful engine behind all its current developments making it one of the very best cities in 2019.

The Department of Environment System Science of the city acts at the forefront of research in different types of food as well as their processing systems.

Also, the UZH-Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability play a crucial role in ensuring Zurich remain a thoroughly fed year in year out.

For health security, Zurich city has the Safety, Security, Health, Environment department which ensures a healthy city.

They protect residents from common infections brought by climate change of weather or the environmental conditions.

No.3   Toronto, Canada

Unlike most cities in Canada, Toronto receives much regard as one of the top best cities security wise. From infrastructural safety, cybercrimes, violence, health to even food, the city has maintained a clean record of all of these.

Their doctors are always calling away. Their hospitals possess full equipment and operate 24 hours with medical bills moderated to fit the very least people in the around with fewer earnings.

Toronto also has excellent infrastructure consisting of adequately maintained roads, superhighways, bypasses, rails, and air transport facilities. Also, their bridges have better designs to accommodate weighty trucks and still survive for a year.

No.4   Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is Netherlands’ capital city with a great legacy in art and tourist attraction features such as the museums.

However, behind the wheel that drive the good looks of the city, there exist security details that which adds ultimately to the best progress of the town.

It offers excellent food supply from its food processing factories and companies. They as well, have import foods such as fruits and vegetables from the neighboring towns.

Also, the infrastructural security it has never been unspeakable. The city has a better road network connecting to significant facilities.

There is the deployment of security personnel in federal crime-prone zones. Additionally, the city has heavily invested security equipment facilities in making sure they can truck crime committers as quickly as possible.

No.5  Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan situated in the tip section of the island. The city offers excellent tourist attraction scenes and scenarios which makes it a city of great ethical diversity.

The main thing however behind the drastic growth and development of this city base on the presence of high security in the city.

The security of Taipei features on its infrastructure, food, health services, computers, and its general environment.

Another point of security is the about public safety. The city has placed the city under a 24-hour survey cameras recording every event in the streets.

Also, the security agencies within the town are very active in keeping the buildings and roads on watch.

No.6  Singapore

Singapore falls in the top ten list of the safest cities for 2019. Insecurity as a result of violence, terrorism, lack of food, health risks and many no longer have a place have no place in Singapore.

From infrastructure to health and food, Singapore city has some of the leading records in their security terms. They have well-built roads consisting of superhighways, bypasses, and other connecting roads. The proper road plans help reduce risks of accidents as well as traffic congestion.

Another area of security concern is health whereby the city has ensured there are quick response services and sufficient health equipment.

No.7  Sydney, Australia

safest citiies

The significant progress in Australia’s most decent city, Sydney does not merely rely on its small circular Quay port or its massive Darling Harbor, but the high security is existing within its borders.

This security exists in its food sectors. The city has enough supply of food from within and without. There are food processing companies within it that ensure the availability of enough and highly nutritious food.

Another part of this security is on infrastructure. The city has significant road building projects underway such as the WestConnex to reduce the traffic congestion within the CBD.

Regarding health security, the city is a great partaker in the Global Health Security of 2019 – a conference meant to equip the cities with better health care services.

However, currently, the city has fully equipped health facilities and health insurance programs for the health security of their citizens.

No.8  Stockholm, Sweden

safest citiies

The wavering security experienced in other cities in never experienced in Stockholm. The municipality for long has experienced continuous protection ranging from all sectors of its economy.

All its roads are accessible and large enough to accommodate the high number of resident’s vehicles. Attached to this, they have also, skillfully designed bridges and bypasses to ensure their roads remain safe.

The city authorities have also ensured there is food security for all the residents by attending international food security workshops and embracing new food production methods.

Another security investment by Stockholm city is the improved health services consisting quick response team and sufficient health equipment.

No.9  Hong Kong

safest citiies

Hong Kong is a mighty city in the heart of China inhabited by a large population. The territory receives a worldly recognition as one of the top ten safest cities in the world.

Right from its high-tech built infrastructure in general, to the highly advanced healthcare, education, and housing facilities, the city makes a quality place one can comfortably live.

As in most cities in the world, security issues have always been a threat to Hong Kong. However, with the well-established security plans involving installation of security watchdogs and security cameras in almost all hidden sections of the city thus reducing crime possibilities to nearly none.

Additionally, regarding their health services, the city offers to call away doctors one can reach any time in case of emergencies.

No.10  Frankfurt, Germany

safest citiies

Germany as a whole comprises of highly secured districts. Safe from robbery, violence, terrorism, health risks among many other insecurity issues. Despite, being on the top ten most safe cities list, Frankfurt is never absolutely safe in comparison to other cities.

The city, however, exhibits one of the world security plans which involves big crime investigative agencies, better health facilities, security against cybercrimes and so on.

To further effect this, they have deployed enough security personnel in the ground to keep the strict watch of its citizens. Also, the city’s security in-charge encourages the installation of security cameras in public places and buildings to monitor any crime possibilities.

There are many other safe cities around the world, but today up to only ten.

Lastly, there is the city that was listed the third, “Osaka ranked among best big cities the world over“, which you’ll find interesting, thanks

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