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STOP Cancer with one drop of urine or blood、Preventive medicine with early detection

Hi Messrs. Mses. Japanophiles.   what are you up to?  I’d like to talk about cancer or malignant tumour, so Today’s topic is Preventive medicine with early detection ”STOP Cancer with a drop of urine or blood.

I believe as almost all people know about what’s cancer and how destructive disease to our human’s body now that a malignant tumor of potentially unlimited growth that expands locally by invasion and systemically by metastasis.

Japan-wise, cancer has been the leading cause of death among Japanese people for 38 years since 1981.

One in two people has cancer in their lifetime, and one in three die from cancer.

The situation is about to change. It is no longer an incurable disease-basic knowledge to know about cancer now.

What do you mean “STOP Cancer”, a revolutionary method with a drop of urine or blood?

Ok, let’s start with one drop of unine.

For some reason to Stop cancer, by putting a small worm in a drop of our urine, a innovative procedure to tell if there is cancer began to be put into practical use in 2020.

With a drop of urine, nematodes sniff out early cancer!

A research group led by Assistant Professor Takatsu Hirotsu of the Graduate School of Biological Sciences at Kyushu University found that the nematode can detect cancer with high accuracy of 95.8% by urine, focusing on the smell of cancer.

Assistant Prof.Hirotsu has been studying the olfactory sense of nematodes for many years.

STOP Cancer

With just one drop of urine and as little as a few hundred yen, you can find even stage 0 or 1 early cancer.

We asked Mr. Hirotsu about the mechanism of this inspection and the prospects for practical use in the future.

Cancer screening is about to change

300,000 people die of cancer each year and one in three die of cancer. It is estimated that one in two men and one in three women will have cancer in their lifetime.

Medical expenses will also increase. According to a statement by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, over 4 billion yen was spent on cancer medicine in 2017.

The baby boomers will be seniors a few years later, thereby the increase in medical costs will be visibly evident.

Early detection and early treatment, therefore, are the first priority to reduce this enormous number of deaths and medical costs.

However, cancer screening at present has a problem of cost effectiveness, which is troublesome for patients. Diagnosis of stomach cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, uterus cancer, breast cancer, and so on. must be done by usual method, which is time-consuming and expensive.

Another drawback is that early cancer is particularly difficult to find. Under such circumstances, the cancer screening rate in Japan is only about 30% in total, and this is a vicious cycle that leads to too late.

Now, a major change in cancer screening that solves such problems at once is about to be born in Japan.

What is examined is urine. We use a creature called a nematode, about 1 mm long. To put it simply, if a nematode likes the smell of a drop of urine, it will be “suspicious of cancer”, and if he dislikes and goes away, “no fear of cancer”.

STOP Cancer

Nematode of chemotaxis to urine, Photo of a petri dish 30 minutes after the start. Get close to the urine of cancer patients (+ sign in Photo A) and escape from the urine of healthy people (+ sign in Photo B)

STOP Cancer

Unlike a large-scale diagnosis using a device, this method using a nematode is simple and inexpensive at several hundred yen, and they can check 15 cases of cancer with the nematode.

The accuracy is also astonishing at 95.8%. In addition, it is said that early cancer such as stage 0 and 1 can also be found out of the progression of cancer up to stage 0-4.

It is said that it does not miss the cancer which is difficult to detect like pancreatic cancer. Therefore, only those who became “cancer” should receive a conventional site-specific screening.

If anyone can easily receive a cancer diagnosis with this new screening method, it will lead to early detection and treatment of cancer, and will fundamentally change the way cancer treatment is carried out.

Leading this groundbreaking research was Takaaki Hirotsu, Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Science, Kyushu University.

List of hospital, clinic in Japan

Before tell hospital or clinic mentioned below, please be noted that according to a certain clinic, it is very crowded at present moment.

Hence it is a state of waiting for two months or three months, so please contact them by telephone to see the situation as well as the cost.

National Health Insurance is not applicable.

And, it is not clear whether the hospital can speak English, so please contact them with someone who can interpret.

Then please click on the hospital or clinic in your area.

★ Tokyo, Nakano-ku(ward) Yayoi First Clinick  

★ Tokyo, Minato-ku(ward)  Shibaura Three-one clinick
★Tokyo, Ōme-shi(city) Shinmachi Clinick KenkōKanricenter 

★ Kanagawa-ken(prefecture), Odawara-shi(city) Ozawa hospital 

★ Osaka-fu, Maikata-shi Keisetsu Clinick  

★ Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi NishiNakanoshima Clinic 

★ Fukuoka-ken (prfecture), Fukuoka-shi(city) FukuokaTorikai hospital 

The most advanced preventive medical technologhy to Stop cancer with blood

Here’s one important words that there are potential risks for healthy people. People who are confident in our health may also experience a sudden deterioration in our health due to age.

Healthy people who are not currently concerned about the diseases may also need regular check-ups.

So the first step is to know our normal value. It is not enough to compare ones own value with a common standard average value.

Even within the standartd value, a drastic change in value should also be noted. The first thing you need to know during regular check-ups is your normal value.

It’s too late when we realize the existence of the symptoms! There are almost no apparent symptoms for a disease caused by ill lifestyle.

Regular check-ups can diagnose disease risk in early stages before the optimal treatment time is missed.

Therefore, Blood check-ups are mandatory and the top proority. An instance of a comprehensive physical examination often takes a day.

Ginza Blood Inspection Laboratory offers us to inspect not only “Cancer” but also “Lifestyle disease”, “Hepatitis” as well.

Here’s process and cost as follows,

a drop of urine

a drop of urine

a drop of blood

a drop of blood

To stay healthy every day, know our body by taking urine or blood tests regularly leading to Stop cancer

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