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Wow! A Happy Surprised! World’s First Device that kills 99.99% of the scary Periodontal disease bacteria has emerged

Hi how are you? Today’s topic is Periodontal Disease that is a serious issue troubling many people.

Periodontal disease becomes irreversible when the gums and jawbone become severely damaged due to periodontitis. As the disease progresses, it can lead to advanced symptoms such as loose teeth or difficulty chewing food properly.

It also is a dreadful one! Because it makes it impossible to chew not only due to loss of teeth resulting from the gums and jaw bone are destroyed, causing loose teeth that require extraction, but also the dissolution of the bone.

In addtion, what worse is it can also cause diabetes, angina pectoris and atherosclerosis, which can be fatal.

World’s First Periodontal Disease Treatment Device has unveiled

99.99% Bacteria Elimination for Periodontal Disease! That’s “

Blue Radical P-01“!

Today, we introduce the world’s first & groundbreaking “periodontal disease treatment device”, “Blue Radical P-01”, developed over approximately 17 years by a venture company originating from Tohoku University, has arrived.

This device can reach deep into periodontal pockets, which were difficult to treat with conventional methods, and exhibits an astonishing 99.99% sterilization effect.

It is the only device recognized by the government for its effectiveness against severe periodontal disease, offering a new option for periodontal disease patients.

It is an infection caused by bacteria that breed between the teeth and gums, leading to inflammation of the gums and bones.

In its early stages, it progresses without noticeable symptoms and if left untreated, it can cause teeth to fall out and potentially affect the entire body.

The main cause is dental plaque, which progresses to periodontal disease by forming dental calculus/tartar.

Risk factors include diabetes, smoking, and stress.

The feature of “Blue Radical P-01” lies in its technology combining ultrasonic vibrations and lasers. It expands the periodontal pockets with ultrasonic vibrations, allowing lasers to reach deep inside.

It irradiates with 405nm blue light, generating radicals in reaction with hydrogen peroxide water, and effectively kills 99.99% of bacteria.

This treatment can be performed without gingival incision, minimizing patient burden.

“Blue Radical P-01” went on sale in Japan from January 2024. While the number of dental clinics using it is still limited as of June, it has received significant attention. It is currently under review for insurance coverage, which if approved, is expected to cover about 30% of the cost.

Now watch the video (with English subtitles) for a more detailed explanation.

How to prevent it from getting any worse

Proper tooth brushing, dental floss use, and regular dental cleanings are crucial for preventing further deterioration.

Lifestyle adjustments such as balanced diet, moderate exercise, and stress management are also effective.

Early detection and treatment of periodontal disease contribute to overall health. Since it is a risk factor for systemic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and dementia, prevention and treatment contribute to extending healthy life expectancy.

“Blue Radical P-01” is expected to make a significant contribution to the treatment of periodontal disease worldwide, offering hope even to severe cases where improvement was difficult with conventional treatments.

We encourage you to consult with your dental clinic at this opportunity.

It’s no use crying over spilt milk

Finally, As a matter of fact, due to neglect in taking care of my teeth in my youth, I myself have had four teeth extracted due to dental disease at my advanced age, and several others due to tooth decay, so I eat with gratitude for the few teeth I have left.

I hope you all do not have to go through such miserable experiences and can enjoy meals with healthy teeth.

Thanks for browsing and have a nice day with nice teeth!

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