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Osaka Unveiled: Exploring Japan’s Enchanting Second City

Hi how are you?   Ladies & Gentlemen,  I’d like to inform you that Osaka city ranked by a US travel magazine among the best big cities in the world in 2019.

The top US travel magazine of Conde Nast Traveler has published its annual poll of readers’ favorite cities around the world except U.S.A.

Although Osaka is the second city in population following Tokyo, but it is often overshadowed by Tokyo and Kyoto.

Before entering Osaka story, please be notified that Osaka Expo 2025 will be held, so will you browse through the site, thank you.

In addition, before talking about main topic, Osaka, I’d like to just inform you that G20 Osaka Summit 2019 which is the first time in Japan that is being held on June 28 and today, 29, 2019 in Osaka.

G20 Osaka Summit 2019

The G20 (or Group of Twenty) is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 19 countries and the European Union (EU).

Founded in 1999 with the aim to discuss policy pertaining to the promotion of international financial stability, the G20 has expanded its agenda since 2008 and heads of government or heads of state, as well as finance ministers and foreign ministers, have periodically conferred at summits ever since.

It seeks to address issues that go beyond the responsibilities of any one organization.

Membership of the G20 consists of 19 individual countries plus the European Union. The EU is represented by the European Commission and by the European Central Bank.

Collectively, the G20 economies account for around 90% of the gross world product (GWP), 80% of world trade (or, if excluding EU intra-trade, 75%), two-thirds of the world population, and approximately half of the world land area.

What’s the salient future of Osaka city?

Osaka city is the capital of Osaka-Fu (prefecture) located in the Kansai region on Honshu, the main island of Japan. It is the center of Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto area.

Osaka is one of the two “urban prefectures” (Fu) of Japan, Kyoto being the other (Tokyo became a “metropolitan prefecture”, or to, in 1941).

No.1 )   When it comes to Gourmet, you can’t beat Osaka

First of all, we confidently recommend you that if you are a connoississeur of good food or epicureans, come to Osaka.

We assure you would enjoy heartily all kind of foods, take “Takoyaki” for instance, as you don’t relish it anywhere else, so I gurantee it after eating, you would smack your lips.

No.2 )   Osaka Amusement Center

After satisfaction of good foods and drinks, what about strolling around entertaining area, there are mainly two well-known areas, one is “kita” (north) and the other “minami” (south).

So let’s go first, “Kita”, one of two popular spots is “Umeda or Kitashinchi” which is very close to JR Osaka station, and a little far but not so much, JR Shin-Osaka station of Bullet train. Umeda is generally a peaceful place.

Let’s go to another entertaining area called “Minami” which is referred to as the world’s largest amusement center in scale in terms of the number of people and the area,

“Nanba” in particular, there are too many shoppers chiefly, so you sometimes have to hustle through the crowded street. On this point, Shinsaibashi, it is a sophisticated area.

this is “Doutonbori”area

No.3 )   Osaka castle


The construction of Osaka Castle started in 1583 on the former site of the Ishiyama Honganji Temple, which had been destroyed by Oda Nobunaga thirteen years earlier.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi intended the castle to become the center of a new, unified Japan under Toyotomi rule. It was the largest castle at the time.

However, a few years after Hideyoshi’s death, Tokugawa troops attacked and destroyed the castle and terminated the Toyotomi lineage in 1615.

Osaka Castle was rebuilt by Tokugawa Hidetada in the 1620s, but its main castle tower was struck by lightening in 1665 and burnt down.

It was not until 1931 that the present ferro-concrete reconstruction of the castle tower was built. During the war it miraculously survived the city wide air raids. Major repair works gave the castle new glamor in 1997.

The castle tower is now entirely modern on the inside and even features an elevator for easier accessibility. It houses an informative museum about the castle’s history and Toyotomi Hideyoshi.


The castle tower is surrounded by secondary citadels, gates, turrets, impressive stone walls and moats.

The Nishinomaru Garden, encompassing the former “western citadel”, is a lawn garden with 600 cherry trees, a tea house, the former Osaka Guest House and nice views of the castle tower from below. Unlike most of the rest of the castle grounds, the garden requires an admission fee.

The entire Osaka Castle Park covers about two square kilometers with lots of green space, sport facilities, a multi-purpose arena (Osakajo Hall) and a shrine dedicated to Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

The park is one of Osaka’s most popular hanami spot during the cherry blossom season, which usually takes place in early April.


This is a map of Osaka


Now, we back to the magazine of Conde Nast Traveler, it says Tokyo was the top international big city for the third year in a row.

Japan’s ancient capital Kyoto rose to second place.

And coming in twelfth was a surprise newcomer to the list, Osaka.

The travel magazine also says there are plenty of reasons the largest city of the Kansai region has become a destination in its own right.

The magazine says Osaka boasts some of the best food in the country, with specialties that include “ takoyaki ”, a savory snack with an octopus filling.

Finally, an American tourist there is a great fan. “ Osaka is my favorite city in Japan. The food, the people, the culture. I love takoyaki. ”

At the same time, “World’s Best Countries” 2020 ranking says Japan is the third is you’ll find it interesting to browse, thanks

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