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Welcome to Introduction of Kominka (Old Japanese-style house/Cultural relics)

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“Kominka” refers to traditional Japanese residential buildings with a history of over 50 years. Staying in the Kominka allows you to experience Japan’s history, culture, and nature.

For these reasons, I believe that Japanese old houses will continue to be popular among tourists visiting Japan. The reasons are as follows:

Japanese kominkas are accommodations where you can experience Japan’s traditions and culture. By experiencing architectural styles such as wooden construction, earthen walls, thatched roofs, as well as lifestyles like irori (hearth) and tatami rooms, you can immerse yourself in Japan’s history and ambiance.

Japanese kominkas are often situated in environments that harmonize with nature. You can enjoy a quiet and serene time while gazing at pastoral landscapes, mountains, rivers, seas, and other natural scenery. Additionally, they often offer added value such as hot springs and local ingredients.

Japanese old houses have been undergoing renovations in recent years. While preserving their old exteriors and interiors, they incorporate modern facilities and interior designs or create original and unique designs. Overseas travelers can enjoy the fusion of traditional and modern Japan.

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