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Drag the screen to see 360 degrees over Tokyo

Hi everyone, what’s new?  Today’s special 360 degrees of Tokyo, you would enjoy the bird’s eye panoramic views over Tokyo and surrounding area including Mt. Fuji.

Will you please rotate the screen in order to see the whole Tokyo area?



Comments from overseas;

★This is a great photo. You can see how huge Tokyo is! from Australia

★I was overwhelmed. It is the largest city in the world. from France

★It ’s so beautiful that it ’s super! Mt. Fuji is so clearly visible from Tokyo … from Taiwan

★I think it’s good to say “crazy”、at this point from India

★I wonder what it is, I’m scared of something. It’s still really cool! from USA

★You can see Mt. Fuji beyond the horizon! Amazing! from India

★The top of Mt. Fuji was covered with snow.
     It was one of the best beautyI’ve ever seen. anonymous

★Tokyo is a city of dreams for me  from Syria

★When I saw this picture, I wanted to be born with wings.
  I envy the birds who can see that scene at any time. from Italy

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古林 茂樹(Shigeki Furubayashi )